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I strongly believe that as a woman you can bring extraordinary changes to your relationship. And that’s why I dedicate my work to helping wives turning their failing marriages into thriving relationships. 
I grew up in Poland and decided to continue on my professional and personal journey in the United States. Thanks to living on two different continents, I've had an opportunity to encounter many people from different cultures and with very diverse personalities. I had to figure out very quickly a way to create new and successful relationships.
My personal experiences and professional research taught me the key ingredients of thriving relationships based on mutual understanding, smart communication and connection. These are some of the basic tools that I teach my clients.

I use the same techniques and tools and can't deny their value in my personal relationship. My husband and I have been married for several years and have two young children. As every couple we have had our fair share of disagreements. However, despite these challenges, we are still as (if not more) invested in our partnership as we were at the beginning of our marriage.

Why work with me?

I am excited to share with you the knowledge and experience from both Europe and the USA. I hold degrees in Family Pedagogy and Psychology. I received my Coaching Certification through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching which is a leading coaching school accredited by the
International Coach Federation (ICF).
These combined studies taught me the most effective and uplifting way to create superb connections with others in a shorter amount of time. I will provide you with a fresh outlook on your unique situation, and go beyond research to find the best and most effective solution to your problems.

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