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•    Mindset

Through our program, you will learn how to get out of a mental rut and focus on possibilities and solutions. You will also understand how to manage your thoughts and emotions and defy and eliminate limiting beliefs that take over and cloud your sense of reasoning.  

                                                                                         •    Focus
You will learn to let go of the past, not let it dictate your future, and focus on what’s in your control. Developing new and effective daily habits will help you help you get back on track. 

                                                                                         •  Communication
I will show you the benefits of smart and meaningful communication, help you understand the difference in your communication styles and needs, and apply tools designed for a peaceful and productive dialog. 

                                                                                        •    Connection
You will rebuild a strong emotional and physical bond with your husband by exploring his world and rediscovering him as a person, which translates to a better and more fulfilling relationship.


Supporting Your Success


This concise content, backed by science, professional experience, and knowledge derived from various approaches, leads to personal development and improves relationships.

Our strategies, tools, and exercises ensure positive results, give you valuable insight into couple compatibility, and helps build a rapport between them. It will also help you manage your own emotions and energy, understand personality differences, dramatically improve communication, create outstanding connections, reciprocate feelings, and rekindle the passion missing between you and your spouse.

Image by Nick Morrison


As your coach, I will answer all your questions during the weekly coaching calls and take it upon myself to help you overcome any conflicts, obstacles, and setbacks you may encounter, which will help convey your feelings and learn to cope with changes. I will also guide you on how to move past the negativity and amplify feelings of respect and affection.

On a Video Call


Anything that needs a break from routine and well-set behavior requires taking regular action. Motivation alone is not enough. I strongly believe that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." My strong support and accountability will keep you on track and prevent you from quitting when the road gets hard, and you encounter hurdles.



You will have the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded and spirited women who go through the same phase and attend the program with you. It is a safe haven where you can just be yourself, take a break from your busy schedule, and unload all your burdens. You are free to share your thoughts, voice your feelings, celebrate your wins, and support each other in daily challenges.

Image by Chris Montgomery

 Find out if my program is right for you. 

The investment in a relationship coach as skilled as Anna has been and remains priceless.

Martha D.

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