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I can help you if:
You are committed to your marriage and are willing to try new approaches to restore lost connection and intimacy between you and your spouse. You can independently learn and apply new knowledge and tools.

Program may not be your best option if:

there are mental conditions, abuse or addictions present in your relationship.


The investment in a relationship coach as skilled as Anna has been and remains priceless.
First, I absolutely love that it is an 8 week program that really pushed me to work on my own issues with communication and interaction with my partner. As the experience unfolded I became acutely aware of ways I can find joy in my relationship with husband while not judging him.  Anna gently but firmly held me accountable for my actions, providing me ‘micro step’ tools that I could practice each week to build a stronger bond with my husband.  And it is working!  Slowly but surely we are reconnecting after 24 years of marriage. Three amazing kids.  Full time jobs. And life!  We are rediscovering each other. Btw.  If you are rolling your eyes saying ‘that is great for you but my husband won’t participate’ stop!  I did this on my own.  I was solo. He doesn’t see the need for this stuff!  But again, I do and did and I made this investment in me!  And still we have made progress and I am finding more joy in my life than ever.  So, Jump in,  listen to Anna and take the journey.  You won’t regret it!

Martha D.

I was so fortunate to find Anna just when I needed encouragement as a wife. She really understood me. It felt like she had been living alongside me for years. She made me feel so good about who I am and the strong feelings I have when it comes to my marriage. I felt so comfortable with her and trusted her with my deepest feelings. She held them gently and celebrated the person I am. The conversation was so natural and flowing. I really felt she heard and understood me, and I love that she held me accountable to goals I developed as a result of our conversation. Anna is an incredibly gifted coach and I am so thankful to have found her.


Before I enrolled in Anna's program, I went to both, individual counselling and marriage therapy with my husband. Nothing have worked and I slowly started giving up.  This program changed everything for me! It was so easy to follow and so insightful. It provided me with a structure and accountability that I needed to make a real change. I love that it focuses on ways to make your relationship better rather than focusing on problems. And Anna's support is simply priceless!

Erica H.

Anna is an exceptionally intuitive and insightful coach, and the depth of her self-awareness was a tremendous asset to me. I knew that she was right there with me as we plunged into the depths of some powerful barriers that had been holding me back for years. In these previously darkened places, she brought light, encouragement, and direct understanding of my situation. Our time together produced profound breakthroughs for me that I know will last. I now have a new sense of freedom and inner confidence to be who I truly am in all that I do. Thank you Anna!


I would never believe that working on my own, without my husband could have such a huge impact on our marriage! "Marriage Makeover" completely changed my perspective on so many issues I was faced with.  Each week, as I was working through provided material and talking to Anna, I felt happier and more confident with myself and my marriage. I can't recommend it enough.

Nichole J.

Anna is a phenomenal coach! She is very attentive and intuitive and always knows the right thing to say. I feel safe sharing my thoughts with her because she is genuinely caring, understanding and non-judgmental. I will always be grateful to her for what she has empowered me to do.


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